Clash of Clans – Qing Yu’s 8th Birthday

A theme inspired by the popular mobile game Clash of Clans for Qing Yu’s 8th birthday party.


Here is our entrance signage for the party with some helium balloons according to the colour and theme. We also personalized some skulls print on the red and black balloon to symbolize Clash of Clan’s balloons.


As for our feature backdrop, we prepared a giant Clash of Clans game poster and customized wordings printed on it.



For our feature table, we put together some ‘healer orbs’ (jelly beans), ‘giant strength chocolate balls’ (chocolate balls), ‘archer arrows’ (lollipop sticks), ‘freeze spells’ and ‘healing spells’ bottles (water & orange juice), and of course not forgetting the one tier Clash of Clans themed cake from Sweet Endings.




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With all the yummy desserts and drinks, we also placed some decorative items matching the theme such as plastic bushes, plants, wood logs and gold coins, and stone pebbles all around the table.

As for the overall décor, we decided to go with red, black, dark green and lime green coloured helium balloons of different heights. We also decided to add on a skull face cut-out on the red coloured balloons.
























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